Dear Pastor:
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The annual October Mission Drive begins Sunday, October 3rd! Historically in our fellowship, the months of March and October serve as two annual concentrated opportunities to spotlight, celebrate, and intentionally support the work of the Gospel among our missions network. This is always an exciting time to connect our local churches world-wide.
At the conclusion of the encounter at the well in John chapter 4, the Samaritan woman departs to witness to her city concerning the Messiah and the returning disciples attempt to refocus Jesus to eat. “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work” (v.34 NIV). He then directs the disciples to look at the multitude coming toward them. Training ensues to include traditional clichés regarding the harvest with new directives and inspiration. Jesus refocuses their vision to the urgency of opportunity with instruction inclusive of investing, harvesting, and working together. This urgency of Gospel work and ministry is the same as when Jesus walked the earth. The needs of people cry out globally!
This electronic pastoral letter comes as a reminder of resources available to encourage participation.
  • We have produced a digital greeting designed for second Sunday mission’s emphasis at your local church in English with Spanish and French voice-overs.
  • Also available is a full-color copy master to provide a second Sunday prayer bulletin insert. This is available on our website for download at https://globalcogop.org/resources. This resource highlights the ministries that connect churches and individual donors with mission efforts in nations and regions and is available in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Additionally, the October issue of the White Wing Messenger highlights God’s work among us in completing the task of reaching the world with the Gospel. Ministry updates with photos are included from nations and regions where we have ongoing and active ministry.
This season is designed to motivate us to action to become a participant in completing the task of reaching the world with the Gospel of Christ through missions ministries. We are grateful to partner with you and thankful to express our gratitude to each local church for your support in prayer and giving to Missions. This is always an excellent opportunity to remind you that 100% of your Mission Offerings go directly to the mission field. Through your prayer and giving, amazing ministries have been and are being supplied – lives globally are experiencing the life-altering message of the Gospel of Christ.
Pastor Appreciation: October is also the month designated to recognize and celebrate pastors and clergy. We all have continued to face unbelievable challenges this year, and so many of you have risen to and excelled in your pursuit to provide excellent care and ministry to those who are covered by your pastoral service, as well as evangelistic outreach to others who are desperate to hear the hope of the Gospel. We love and appreciate you and are thankful for the opportunity to be laborers together with you in this harvesting season.
As we make our way through the month of October and again celebrate our privilege to support mission efforts through the October Mission Drive, may we be so moved and reminded to inquire of the Lord as to His purposeful placement of our own unique investment in this eternal cause. May the Holy Spirit so lead us to service and connection in the global task of sharing the whole Gospel to the entire world.
Dr Catherine Payne