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Worship, preaching, and prayer are essential for children's church ministry! But how effective are our ministries in leading in these areas? Watch the September webinar from International Children's Ministries "Children's Church Basics...and Beyond," available on-demand. Each presentation offers tips, strategies, and tools for making your church's kids church a place kids will want to attend and return!
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Being in touch is vital. The White Wing Messenger is an exciting place for the Church of God of Prophecy family to connect. In the White Wing Messenger, we hear the voice of our leaders as well as our brothers and sisters around the world. Ask others to join the conversation. Become a White Wing Messenger Booster today.
Kids Can Serve Their World
Discipling children to have a heart for serving others should start at an early age. The brain develops fastest between the ages of 3-5 years old. It's the best time for compassion to become part of a "child's spiritual DNA." Compassion and caring doesn't happen overnight. It's a part of people's character. Prayerfully ask God how you can raise up a generation of children who see a need, care about the need, and want to help meet the need.
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